Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the new Enforcement United beta program?

The new Enforcement United beta program allows members, Ambassadors at first then open to all later, to get involved and help ensure Xbox Live is a fun, fair and safer place for everyone. Members who join the program will provide their opinions on whether a complaint against a Gamertag violates the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. This data feeds into an algorithm developed by the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team to help crowdsource information on potential Gamertag violations.

What types of complaints will the Enforcement United beta program address?

The Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement Team processes every complaint received. Many of them, like Gamertag complaints, require relatively simple judgment calls whether content violates the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. This program will be used to help sort through these types of complaints. Initially, participants will review Gamertags for potential violations.

How does Enforcement United work?

Enforcement United incorporates information from multiple participants into an algorithm. That algorithm takes several factors into account, including how many members believe there had been a violation and how reliably those individual members’ historical decisions aligned with the general consensus. As a result of that process, the system may:

How can you be sure these decisions are accurate?

We’ve carefully crafted a system that allows us to crowdsource information on potential violations while continually calibrating itself to understand how reliable that data and the sources it comes from are. To be clear, no individual member will wield unchecked power over another.

What are the benefits to participating in Enforcement United?

We’ve heard feedback from Xbox Live members that they want ways to positively shape their experience on the service, and we feel this is a great way to get involved. Members who join the beta program will be able to track their progress on Xbox Community Level, earning recognition and leveling up for contributing to the Xbox Live community.

Why is the beta only open to Xbox Live Ambassadors now?

We are gradually rolling out Enforcement United, and the Xbox Live Ambassadors are a great example of members who are already proactively encouraging a positive sense of community on the service. Current Xbox Live Ambassadors who meet qualifying criteria can register now, and we plan to make the program available to broader Xbox Live members in the coming months.